• 1. What is istanbulsightseeing.com?

    Istanbulsightseeing.com is the online booking site and trading name of Tuma Tourism & Travel Company whose registered office is at Beşiktaş , Barbaros Bulvarı #21 , 34345 Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbulsightseeing.com is a locally operated travel agency specialising in incoming tourism and is fully licensed as Tuma Global Travel by the license #7761 by Turkish Tourism Ministry.

  • 2. Is istanbulsightseeing.com a secure website?

    istanbulsightseeing.com provides all the security customers need. All transactions on the website are secured by SSL encryption and the web is hosted by one of Turkey's leading companies in the information technology sector.

  • 3. Where is istanbulsightseeing.com located?

    istanbulsightseeing.com is a locally operated travel agency. Its office is at Beşiktaş Barbaros Bulvarı #21 at the heart of the modern city.

  • 4. Who operates the holiday arrangements on this website?

    istanbulsightseeing.com works with the most experienced and reliable tour operators and travel companies in Turkey and all around the world, offering a wide selection of tours, car rentals and accommodations at competitive prices.

  • 5. How do I pay for my bookings at istanbulsightseeing.com?

    To pay for your bookings at Istanbulsightseeing.com, you must hold a valid credit card. If you do not hold a valid credit card or do not want to send your credit card number through the Internet, then you can send your bookings directly to our sales office in Istanbul through our online booking form, by fax or e-mail and pay by electronic bank transfer or a certified bank cheque.

  • 6. When is my credit card charged once I book Directly at istanbulsightseeing.com?

    When your bookings have been confirmed by e-mail or fax, your credit card will be charged.

  • 7. What happens if I need to cancel my tour?

    We regret that we are unable to offer a full refund in the case of cancellation. The cancellation fee depends upon the length of notice and the type of booking. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section "Cancellations".

  • 8. How far in advance should I book?

    All travel arrangements should be booked at least 48 hours in advance. For self-drive and custom made tours, we strongly recommend you book a few weeks early. For group bookings , incentives , congresses and meeting arrangements need to book months before according to length of time.

  • 9. How does the booking process work?

    When you have submitted your booking and personal details through istanbulsightseeing.com, a travel consultant will view the booking. The travel consultant will crosscheck your booking and send you a confirmation within 48 hours. Your credit card will be charged at that time. If our travel consultant is unable to obtain confirmation, then an alternative will need to be offered. If the customer does not accept the alternative payment istanbulsightseeing.com is not able to offer an alternative, no charge will be made to your credit card. When the booking has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged, IstanbulSightseeing.com will issue the invoice and vouchers for your travel arrangements. It is optional whether you want to have the travel documents posted to your address or pick them up upon arrival.

  • 10. When do I receive the vouchers?

    Istanbulsightseeing.com posts travel documents to your address 24 hours after confirmation. The delivery time depends on the method of dispatch you choose (DELIVERY COSTS WILL BE CHARGED FROM THE GUEST). You can also choose to have your travel documents delivered to your accommodations upon your arrival or pick them up from our office.

  • 11. How do I contact Istanbulsightseeing.com?

    Istanbul Sightseeing aims to answer all e-mails within 48 hours. The mailing address is info@istanbulsightseeing.com
    You can also call our customer support line to talk to one of our travel consultant.

    Tel :+(90) 212 511 1094
    Fax :+(90) 212 511 1095
    Gsm : +(90) 532 776 9210

  • 12. What time is Istanbulsightseeing.com opening hours?

    Everyday 08:00 / 21:00 - Office Hours

    If you call our office you can take available number for 24 hours (We offer a 24-hour help line for our customers).

  • 13. Do you offer discounts for children?

    Istanbulsightseeing.com offers children's discounts for most tourist services published on this site. Please send us an e-mail to info@istanbulsightseeing.com for further information.